Dead Reptile Shrine: An Aural Phenomenon

Dead Reptile Shrine is a Finnish experimental project dedicated to purveying obscene, harsh and relentless magickal talismans akin to black metal, dark ambient and ritual noise. The entirety is beyond the usual categories, but the output can honestly be described as astral, insane, dimensional and satanic.

"We acknowledge the imperishable stars under the rule of a sacred mating ritual between Kaos and Kosmos, the unwearying stars the abode of a cycle which sometimes reflects Death, sometimes birth."

Dark astral beings worship at the Shrine, summoning forth new materials and also vinyl reissues of ancient treatises. Those who patiently wait shall be rewarded. And as formerly stated, "Blood Grail" and "Sabbat" tapes shall be pressed unto plastic pieces of shit known as compact disks.

Yoga which means union is the cause of all phenomena - including you and Dead Reptile Shrine. There's no excuse, for you or me.


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