Blutleuchte: Occult Sound Art

The Germanic experimental music project Blutleuchte was conceived early 2000 a.y.p.s. in Finland by Anatoli Alexandrovich with the purpose to create both ancient and modern atmospheres by a syncretic approach to neo- folk, industrial and power electronics.

Blutleuchte's debut album "Rus" (released on CD by Sähkö Recordings) presented a musical journey through the ancient Slavic kingdom of Russia, continuing all the way to the space industries and wars of Soviet Union, up to the present day. In this critically acclaimed album lots of samples of historical speeches and sound effects of fire, ice, horses were utilized to create a quasi-cinematic approach.

On later recordings, Blutleuchte has delved into the worlds of occultism, shadowy politics, science fiction, alternate realities and mythology. Plenty of solo recordings of Blutleuchte remain unreleased, while a successful series of collaborations have combined the droning ambience and dark spiraling frequencies of Finnish avantgarde industrial artist Cloama with the mystical concepts and surrealist fantasies of Blutleuchte.

Most recently, Blutleuchte unleashed a cycle of mysteries under the banner of WOMB C, a collaborative project with Finnish industrial pioneers Will Over Matter and Cloama. Other Blutleuchte recordings may have been spread secretly or hidden in plain sight.

"Let the talons rip your flesh and bleed into the sacred bowl of hearts. When everything has been lost, when the primal void fills the sky again and the birds sing no more, then the Earth shall once again be free from its shackles. We are sacrificed once again, not through the Redeemer but through the Shaman whose archetype is Odin. Verwundet im Speer, dem Nach-innen-Phallos, er selbst, sich selbst, geweiht dem Odin. At face value the Shaman's voluntary wounding of himself, such as the gouging out of one Eye or suddenly leaving the people and activity that were once so important to him, to engage in a quest faraway, seem cruel but in fact they are acts of supreme love to Infinity."



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