Blutleuchte: Occult Sound Art

Louis Kuhne's Science of Facial Expression (2001)
included on "8-way medicine wheel" 2xCDR
Ixtlan Indvstries, a few copies
Rus (2002)
CD, Sähkö Recordings, 500 copies
The Discovery of Fire (2003)
CDR, homemade, a few copies
Parts included on Dead Reptile Shrine / Torturium
Cloama+Blutleuchte (2005)
CDR, New Old Sentinel, 100 copies
CD, Anima Arctica, 300 copies
Humanity in Flames (2006)
included on "Russian Roulette" tape
Neuroscan, 66 copies
Cloama+Blutleuchte: From Wasteland Mausoleums (2007)
CD, New Old Sentinel, 300 copies
Cloama+Blutleuchte: Convoluted in Peripheral Sacrifice (2008)
Tape, Freak Animal, 100 copies
WOMB C (2014)
CD, Bestial Burst, 200 copies

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